Monday, November 18, 2013

Toxic Product Guide

Woodland Gatherings

"All natural" does not always mean what people assume it does. More times than I have been able to count I find a product that is labeled as "all natural" only to find that several of the ingredients have been linked through research to hazardous health effects. Some ingredients can have instant reactions such as hives and redness externally, or stomach upset internally, but others may not show their faces for many years down the road. Therefore, it is a good idea to educate ourselves as to what we are putting into or onto our bodies.

The link below offers a searchable database so that you can either look up a particular ingredient or a product that you are currently using. I have found that this database tends to label an ingredient as dangerous if there exists any lack of research or confusion on the ingredient, so you may want to double check your findings, but overall it is a good starting place to check out your products.

I was surprised to find that several of my "all natural" products came up as very toxic. What will you find in your bathroom cabinet?  

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